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AODA Signage - Braille & Tactile
AODA signage in greyscale
AODA requires that signs are accessible to people with various disabilities, including visual impairments.
Window Film Applications
Window film in greyscale
Add a personal touch to the branding of your business or improve privacy with custom window film.
Digital Print,
Murals & Vinyl
Digital print mural in greyscale
Digital prints offer accessibility, versatility, and customization.
Directories & Wayfinding
Directory on wall in greyscale
Enhances user experience and ensures individuals can easily reach their intended destinations.
Donor & Award Recognition
Donor awards in greyscale
Designed to express gratitude, celebrate generosity, and inspire further philanthropic support.
Reception & Foyer Identification
Reception wall in greyscale
A blend of functionality, aesthetics, and communication that engages individuals.
Suite and Room Identification
Room identification in greyscale
These signs play a crucial role in helping people navigate and find specific locations within a complex environment.
LED Illuminated Signage
LED signage in greyscale
LED technology allows for versatile and dynamic lighting solutions for various applications.
LED Message
LED message in greyscale
LED readers come in various sizes and orientations, allowing you to choose the right option for your needs. 
Exterior Identification
Exterior identification in greyscale
Incorporates colors, typography, and design elements that align with the overall branding strategy.
Traffic Control Signage
Traffic control in greyscale
These signs and displays are intended to identify a business, organization, or location.
Vehicle Graphics in greyscale
These wraps transform the appearance of a vehicle, turning it into a moving billboard or a work of art. 






Our Custom Solutions

About Sign Language

Sign Language Inc. was established in 1977, providing innovative and imaginative solutions for corporate and commercial identification.


Our Mission

The best possible sign at the best possible price has always been our mission statement.


Why Choose Sign Language

We constantly research and test new technologies, from LED illuminated signage systems to chemical welding. Our installation teams have been certified with both Fall Protection Training and Aerial Work Platform Training, conforming to Ontario Health and Safety regulations.

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We offer customized sign solutions to meet your specific needs.


Our team of experts can work with you to create custom signs in a variety of styles and sizes.


Contact us today to learn more!